Product of Health Amendments, Inc.

SansFluo Tooth and Gum Wipes


When after a meal in a restaurant or a public place outside of home, or when travelling, or in instances when toothbrushing is not available, SansFluo Tooth & Gum Wipes with Xylitol is your ideal companion in cleaning the teeth and gums of infants. Flavored in strawberry, it is recommended for use by adults as well.

SansFluo Tooth & Gum Wipes comes in a box of 12 individual sachets/packets.  Each packet contains a sterilized piece of gauze soaked in ionized water and xylitol.  It’s so easy to use! Just tear the packet, take out the wipe, wrap it around your index finger and rub around the surface of your child’s teeth and gums, then dispose after use.