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Sansfluo Teething Gel

Sansfluo Teething Gel temporarily relieves sore gums due to teething in infants and children.

Why Sansfluo

SansFluo Toothgel Cleanser is ideal for children who more often than not get to swallow their toothpaste while  brushing. It is/has:

What is Xylitol?

A healthy natural sweetener extracted from fruits, berries, and hardwood trees like birch, xylitol is a popular ingredient in food, cosmetic, and drug products worldwide because of its numerous benefits:

-     prevents tooth decay
-     stops plaque growth
-     stimulates salivary flow
-     relieves dry mouth
-     improves breath smell
-     reduces gum diseases
-     remineralizes tooth enamel at the onset of tooth decay